The Truth About Modeling.

Models -the wallpaper of our billboards, magazines and television screens. Their intimidating presence has us all beautifully brainwashed into a warped ideology of how we should be and how our lives should look. That to experience love and joy, one must be flawless – scar free and with a BMI of 18 and below but beneath their photo shopped skin are these ‘ideal’ men and women really so different?

For years this was me, a brain washed minion who thought having a thigh gap would get her a boyfriend (it didn’t). After being bullied throughout the majority of my education I saw modelling as a way of revenge – a massive “FUCK YOU”, to those who’d sent me anonymous abuse or treated me differently because my untameable acne was an eyesore, upon the orange-foundation horizon of secondary school. A few professional photos were a form of being catapulted to the top of the food chain- where I was above them all, it was a real ‘who’s laughing now?’ idea for me; to live the glamorous life of having people do my make-up for me whilst I waited to have my photo taken in a ‘fancy’ studio.

However if you could go behind the scenes of an average photo-shoot the whole charade would be shattered within half an hour. Models are not treated like movie stars- more like coat hangers. ‘Stand there and shut up’, you get no say in the monstrosities you’re dressed in or the make-up that’s plastered all over your face for hours. Often you’ll spend more time in the make-up chair than on set and trust me ladies after the 2nd hour the novelty begins to wear thin. In my experience all the promises I was made by photographers or designers never seemed to materialise, during my last shoot I was promised we’d be no more than 4 hours – 6 hours later and I just had to walk out in I fear that I’d never be able to leave. They said they’d pay for lunch? ‘Good luck with that sweetheart, not till we’ve finished shooting for five hours and you’re on the verge of passing out!’ okay nobody actually said that but that’s what happened.

The whole experience was good for me though – I needed to see first-hand how fake this industry really was, after ignoring the naysayers who claimed it was all false and retouched. Well they weren’t wrong; anyone would look stunning under lights that bright! The thing that put me off my dream completely was being told to breath my ‘stomach’, I’m not trying to be arrogant here but I very much have the flat stomach and visible collar bone/ ribs shebang- so basically all that’s there is essentially my bodily organs. It made me really angry that these photos I was featured in would be portraying such a false aesthetic but also if this is what goes on at a low level fashion shoot, what on earth goes on at a high-end one?

You’re probably reading this thinking I’m bitter about something and in a way yes you’re right because I feel that every fashion magazine I’ve ever read was a massive lie, I should have just focused on being who I wanted to be rather than who Vogue wanted me to be. If this article makes even one of you see sense then I’ll be happy.


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Looks, Out and About

“Surprise bitch, bet you’d thought you’d seen the last of me”.


Sorry for the lapse of posts over the last few months – but fear not, I have many excuses in the form of essays, deadlines, laziness and drunken nights out (but we won’t discuss those). Oh and also I’m now the social media manager for a new up and coming luxury menswear designer Helen Anthony, so I’ve been rather busy with that (I would appreciate it if y’all had a gander/follow and made me look good merci merci)…


I have also been dabbling in the not so wonderful world of modeling, I’ll explain about that more later but I’ll just give you a little taster below


DSC_0030 (3)




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Wish ‘I was rich’ List

So, currently I’m having some on going technical difficulties – unfortunately my SD card slot has kicked the bucket meaning it’s hard for me to upload decent photos on here, so for the time being I’m limited to what I can actually post get out the violins.
Going to try a new wish list feature instead, thought it’d be appropriate to go with a Valentine’s theme, if this was last year I probably would’ve just written a bitter post about how much I hate the commercialization of Valentine’s BUT this year I’m pleased to say that I actually have a Valentine for the first time in the shameful 19 years I’ve graced this Earth! Is he blind?!? (Might do one anyway just because I love a good rant)
But anyway this is a collection of very expensive garments and treats that I could maybe pray save for, one day when I actually have a decent job I’m buying myself a Burberry mac because I’ll bloody deserve it and probably worked hard for it.
Untitled 1

Top 10 Etsy Valentine’s cards

Might be a few weeks early but was just having a browse through Etsy and ended up scrawling through their sellers’ Valentine’s cards this year; they’re so witty- I just cannot get enough. So how could I not make a top 10 list? In no particular order, here are 10 of my favourites that are bound to put a smug grin on your significant other’s face…    (Click the pictures for the Etsy site)

1ice cream funny love card . Valentines you make my raspberry ripple . I love my boyfriend anniversary cards . birthday girlfriend

This one comes courtesy from YourMumRang , a London based seller with a variety of cheeky food related cards painted delicately with water-colours.

2Funny Valentine card - I heart your penis  valentines day card- Hand drawn

For those of you who don’t like to beat around the bush (hahahaha see what I did there?) this one’s right up your street from SmuttyDraws


Shit Bitch You Is Fine -  Snarky Love Note, Valentine or Just Because Card

Which bitch wouldn’t want to receive this fine ass card?!Dewlawdees


I'm stuck on you - 5"x7" folding card - octopus makes the point - love and humor, valentine's day card, love and humor

How adorable is this?! They also have a range of other animals in their shop so check it out HERE


Funny Valentine's Day card / Witty Valentine's Day card / Humor Valentine's Day card / Unique Valentine's Day card

If you’re not really the soppy type like me then maybe this is more your cuppa tea


Hand Cut Personalised I Love You More Than.. Valentine's Day or Anniversary Greetings Card

I’m sure a lot of you can relate to this one…


…A lot of you can probably relate to this one too


Cute Valentine // Funny Love Card // Friendship Card // Romantic Birthday Card // Card for Him // Card For Her // You're My Favorite Square

This one I’m including purely because I know my good friend Beth will love it, (private joke guys- sorry).


EKone - You're my lobster, Valentines Day Card

This one goes out to all my fellow ‘Friends’ fans


Funny Valentine's Day Card - You're OK I Guess - Love - Funny - Blank Greeting Card - Simple - Rustic - Brown - Black

For those of you who are playing it cool, but not that cool.

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ASOS Sale Haul

So, this year saying the January sales have been disappointing would be a massive understatement and I was left feeling slightly down about my lack of bargains – that is until I found the ASOS sale! Over 70% off on literally thousands of items, I could’ve kitted myself out for the next two years, no problem!

So at a grand total of £37 these are what I purchased…


The most expensive of my purchases was this gorgeous cobalt scarf-print dress for about £27, from ASOS it’s self. It’s one of those dresses you can wear any season and to any occasion so I consider this a cheap investment rather than a drain on my bank balance ;)





Next up is this bargain at about £7.50, it looks ridiculously good on- I was actually quite shocked! In fact I may well order the blue version of it before it’s out of stock – (if it’s not already).



Last but not least this tee by Jacqueline De Yong, there are 2 things I justified this buy with…

  1. It was £3.50 … no I’m not high, it really was £3.50!
  2. ‘H’ is my 2nd initial so..
  3. Ok there’s 3 reasons, I just really wanted it okay – quit it with the 3rd degree man


Also you may be wondering why my walls are manky and unpainted/wallpapered – no I don’t live in a crack den, my wall had damp so my parents started drying it out whilst I was at uni!